Feb 18 2009

Prism 2 released

Category: fossmo @ 15:11

Cool. Today the latest version of Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight was released. On the current project I’m working on we are using Prism. It has been a bit painful to use a “library” that is under development, so I’m looking forward to start using something that’s stable. Prism is a “library” that is a mix of good and well tried out design patterns and best practices. The reason I have put the word library in quotation marks is because Prism is more guidelines than a library. I enjoy working with it a lot. It’s designed to help me write unit tests, separate the applications concerns and create a module based application and mush more. Put down your coffee cup and click this link to download it: Prism 2. If you don’t want to start learning Prism by your self, you can come to my (and Kjetil Klaussen) presentation at MSDN Live in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo in March to get a intro to the framework. Sign up at this site: MSDN Live. See you there?

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